• Bucket Head Wed/Dry Vac

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    I was killing time in home depot yesterday and stumbled upon this little gem.


    I have read about other bucket vacs previously on my reader list (Gizmodo & Toolmonger) but the price seemed a little on the high side.  This didn’t have a label or price so I decided to check into it a little farther.  Turns out it is only $20.  For me that is an excellent price for a small portable vacuum. I am not sure if it was just a fluke, or a new product, or what but keep your eyes open for them in your local depot.

    I haven’t had time to run it through its paces yet, but I will update the post as soon as I do.  Here are some of my first impressions.  It is lacking any sort of accessories besides a hose but sometimes that is all you need.  The vacuum does have a blower port as well as the traditional suction port.  The hose has an angled cut on the end which I would imagine would allow to vacuum in corners.  The filter is a filter bag with a rubber band.  The manual says its designed for a home depot bucket but I would assume you could use any bucket you have lying around.

    IMG_0267 IMG_0270

    Overall I think this is an excellent buy just because of the price & portability.

  • Ryobi Tek4

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    I was running thru the depot the other day and noticed a new set up in the tool section.  Apparently Ryobi has released a 4v line.  I was in a hurry so I wasn’t able to really get a good look at the tools but from what I saw I was pretty excited.


    I went home to check the trusty internet and figure out how this new line got passed me.  At the time Ryobi didn’t mention anything about the new line.  Finally after a couple of days the landing page showed up. Tek4 Page Apparently these tools are exclusive to Home Depot.  So that kind of sucks for price shopping but most of these seem to be fairly reasonably priced.

    I have never been a very big Ryobi fan but I am excited about a couple of these Tek4 tools.  While some I might just have to wait to see the reviews to see if they can compete with the big names.

    I played with a couple of the tools on a more liesurly trip to Home Depot and they seemed pretty sweet.  The main tool than I am looking to purchase is the Audio Plus Noise Suppression Headphones.


    I am currently rocking a pretty hoaky pieced together headphone/hearing protection setup.  I might post that set up at a later date.

    Let me know if any of you purchase any of the tek4 line and let me know how they work out for you.

  • The Goop Scoop!

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    I recently found this at the supply shop when I was picking up some epoxy for a job.  I have been looking for a tool like this for quite a while.  With epoxy its especially important to get every last drop to ensure a proper mix ratio. That would include scraping the sides of the paint can even under the rim.  We have always struggled with a clean way to accomplish that. We usually end up just using our hands and a lot of disposable gloves. That usually ends with us heading home with a lot of product on our forearms.

    Hyde did come out with the Paintmeiser which would accomplish that task plus some.  The paint meiser looks like quite the multi-tool but it seems a little high class for this application.  I was looking for more of a disposable product.  Paint Miser 10 in 1 Tool

    Then I found the goop scoop.  Apparently from my poking around the internet it is used primarily by screen printers.  After using it later that day it worked like a charm!  It has a nice sharp edge that can really scrape the sides and bottom of the can clean.  It also cleaned up easily with a little xylene and some TLC.  Here is a picture (sorry about the quality its from my phone).

    Goop Scoop goop2

    I found a couple of suppliers on the internet with prices ranging from about $1.50 – $5.00.  They are available in gallon and quart size.  Although we just ended up taking a chop saw to one to make a quart size one.

  • New Milwaukee Tools

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    I was browsing Milwaukee’s site the other day and taking a look at their new offers.  The offers are pretty much the standard stuff, but I noticed the M12 offer literature has a couple of pictures of tools that I don’t remember seeing anything about.  I couldn’t find anything on these tools on the web.  I did remember seeing a post on toologics about the new power port that is coming out but that has been about it.  I took some screen shots so you can take a look.

    M12 3/8" Drill Driver

    2410 -22 M12 3/8" Drill Driver

    M12 2 Beam Plumb Laser

    2320-21 M12 2 Beam Plumb Laser

    It looks like Ridgid will have a little competition in the  sub-compact drill/driver with a chuck market.  I hope its not as weird looking as the Ridgid.

    I love my current M12 tools and can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

    I did also notice that Milwaukee put out several press releases with details on some of their upcoming products for the M12 and testing lines.  I am pretty jazzed about the 2290-21 sub-scanner, 2201-20 voltage detector, and the laser temp gun.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up against the established brands in those product categories. Press Releases

  • Greatest Tape Measure in the World!

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    A year and a half ago I purchased a couple of tape measures for Christmas gifts.  I originally purchased them as gifts for my business partners.  As the holidays began to take their toll I needed some white elephant gifts.  Turns out this tape was the hit of the party.  I ended up going back and purchasing more and more to make sure that my business partners and myself all got one.  Turns out not only where these tape measures a great gift and pretty humorous, they were also the greatest tape measure in the word.

    Channel Lock BigAzz Tape Measure

    Channel Lock BigAzz Tape Measure

  • Welcome

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    Welcome to Mr. eTool (mretool.com).  This is a new “tool blog” created to compliment some of the larger blogs.  Hope you enjoy!

    Some of the things you can expect to see from Mr. eTool:

    • Useful, Cool, and unique Internet finds
    • Reviews
    • Opinion Posts
    • And  who knows what else

    Thanks for stopping by! Come back often and let me know what you think.