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    A year and a half ago I purchased a couple of tape measures for Christmas gifts.  I originally purchased them as gifts for my business partners.  As the holidays began to take their toll I needed some white elephant gifts.  Turns out this tape was the hit of the party.  I ended up going back and purchasing more and more to make sure that my business partners and myself all got one.  Turns out not only where these tape measures a great gift and pretty humorous, they were also the greatest tape measure in the word.

    Channel Lock BigAzz Tape Measure

    Channel Lock BigAzz Tape Measure

    This thing is a monster!  It has a huge 1″ 5/8″ blade and a 10′ standout (which is pretty accurate in new condition).  I love that it has big numbers so you can read a measurement really quickly even if its on the floor.

    I purchased them at Sams Club.  After mine has started to wear down after a lot of usage and I have scoured the internet looking for a replacement.  I hoped that Sams would carry them again this Christmas season but no luck.

    Then while digging through the clearance bin at harbor freight I see it.  A blue tape measure at the bottom of the pile.  It is a dead on clone of the bigazz.  It has every detail exactly like the Channel lock, even down to the nubs.  The only problem is Harbor freight had this beauty on clearance for $14.99.  So I decide not to purchase, because come on for $15 at harbor freight I can pretty much buy anything in the store.

    I head back to my office and do a little digging on harbor freights site and then I see it.

    Cen-Tech Jumbo Tape

    Same tape measure $8 price tag.  I plan on ordering about 10-12 of them to make sure I am set for the next 5 years.  I suggest you do the same.

    Cen-Tech Jumbo Tape Measure

    Sorry for the long post.  I am very passionate about this tape measure!

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